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We deal in Electrical Insulation tapes, Electrical insulation resins, Heat shrink tubes, Trailing cable jointing kits, Aerosol sprays, Winding paper, Cable ties, Gloves & Connectors, in the field of Electrical Insulations

Electrical Insulation Tapes – A vast range of electrical insulation tapes broadly under the following categories – Vinyl Electrical tapes, Mastic based Insulating & Splicing tapes, self adhesive glass cloth, polyester, polyimide film, PTFE & Aluminium foil.

Heat Shrink Tubes –The Heat Shrink products provide a uniquely effective means of applying skin-tight insulating and protective coverings for a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical applications. The products offer the important advantages of simple installation, improved performance and long-term reliability. They are abrasion resistant, withstand heat, corrosion, moisture and other hostile environments and offer superior dielectric properties.

Trailing Cable Jointing Kits – To meet the requirements of demanding engineers from the mines and ore handling facilities in any major industry, we offer flexible yet abrasion resistant trailing cable jointing kit which is also flame retardant.

Aerosol Sprays – The product range consists of a number of different insulating, cleaning, protective and preventive maintenance sprays like Anti corrosion spray, Zinc spray, clear insulating paint, Red insulating paint, Special contact cleaner, Rust remover ... Try once to feel the difference.

Winding Paper – The high quality inorganic papers and boards for manufactured for industrial applications. These state-of-the-art materials have been refined, tested and proven in a wide way variety of applications including use as high temperature electrical insulation in transformers, motors and generators; and as flame barriers in house hold applications.

Connectors – We offer both Insulation displacement (IDC) and wire connectors. There are 38 different IDC’s to choose depending upon the use. On the other hand the wire connectors are as comfortable and easy to use as they are dependable and also with plenty of options to choose from.

Cable Ties - Cable Ties are moulded from 6/6 Nylon and are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours including weather resistant black for outdoor use. The entire ranges of ties are UL® recognized and tested to UL® Standard 1565. Please refer UL File Number E116841. Cable tie mounting bases are also available.

Gloves – The Gloves provide highly comfortable dexterity, breathability & durability. It has good resistance to oil and chemical and it is eco-friendly designed. The gloves have micro porous foam coating, memory shape with nitrile rubber, reusable after wash, excellent dexterity, oil and chemical resistance & also eco-friendly using water based material.