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Advanced Technology

We offer the entire range - Polyester & Epoxy resin based, fibreglass reinforced laminates, rods, dog bone spacers, tubes, moulded / machined components, to name a few suitable for thermal class ‘B’, 'F' and 'H' application. Our products have excellent combination of mechanical, thermal and Di-electric properties, confirming IS standards. Based on epoxy, polyester resin and fibreglass reinforcement, various grades of laminates are manufactured. Fire retardant grade laminates are offered for specific applications. These laminates are available in standard sizes, in the thickness range of 0.5 to 100mm & above. These are made to EP1/EP2/EP3 and UP1/UP2 as per IS:10192-1982. We also offer very thick sheets/ blocks up to 200mm. These are used as coil support in dry transformers. Glass fabric wound RODS / TUBES / PIPES are also available. Different types of slot wedges, machined out of laminated sheets, which are critical components in traction motor armatures are also provided.