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Advanced Technology

We offer the industrial user a high-performance range of lubricants for various tribological challenges. This includes lubricating greases and pastes, lubricating oils, anti-friction coatings as well as process fluids which cover the complete range of metal working operations.

Lubricating Greases – High-performance greases for various industrial applications and extreme requirements. We offer a wide range of lubricating greases for roller bearings, gears, plastic and electronic components. The applications range from rough conditions in the heavy industry to demanding applications in automotive technology and aeronautics. According to latest knowledge in tribology, the product range complies with our customers’ demands with regard to friction, wear and lubrication as well as economic and ecologic optimisation of the processes themselves.

Lubricating Oils –Whether as hydraulic fluid, gear oil or food grade chain oil with NSF-H1 approval – for various industrial applications we offer a range of products which significantly contributes to a modern production and manufacturing technology as well as service and maintenance. The production programme ranges from high-quality, mineral oil based products up to extremely high-performance synthetic oils which, in addition to extended re-lubrication intervals and reduced downtime, often contribute to a reduction in the variety of products in use and thus a reduction in costs.

Pastes And Sprays – We offer an extensive range of pastes and lubricant products in aerosol cans for the application fields service, maintenance and assembly. Compared to lubricating greases pastes have a considerably higher ratio of solid lubricants and thickeners. As such, pastes are mainly suitable for all applications where very high pressures and extremely high temperatures are involved. They actively prevent fretting corrosion. Pastes are suitable as anti-seize agent for multiple assembly tasks, e.g. to avoid cold welding of inserted tools and wear bushings of pneumatic tools. Depending on the additive formulation pastes are suitable for running-in lubrication of heavy-duty sliding guides or dry lubrication of machine elements which are exposed to very high temperatures.

Anti-Friction-Coatings – Anti-Friction-Coatings are touch-dry lubricant solutions which, in their formulation, resemble common industrial varnishes. They contain solid lubricants, resins as bonding agents, as well as solvents. Solid lubricant components are mainly molybdenum disulphide, graphite and PTFE. The individual raw materials and additives, as well as the concentration of solid lubricants are decisive for lubricating efficiency and corrosion protection. Anti-Friction-Coatings which are based on microcapsule technology are a new and innovative product group with an extremely high performance level. These products achieve three times the service life compared to competitive products. Anti-Friction-Coatings are preferably applied by immersion or by spraying onto carefully degreased surfaces. Other methods are possible as well, such as immersion centrifuges, electrostatic or automatic spraying methods, application by pressure or roller as well as the various methods for drying and hardening processes which are well-known within industry.

Environmentally Compatible Lubricants And Additives – Besides eco-toxicological harmlessness for water and soil, quick biodegradability and conservation of resources, the bio lubricants excel in terms of their high lubricating performance. In addition, bio lubricants convince by high efficiency. Evidence for this can be seen in extended machine service life due to less wear and, depending on the application, by extended oil changing intervals.

Lubricants For The Food Processing And Pharmaceutical Industry –Food grade lubricants are used for lubrication, power transmission and corrosion protection of machines to manufacture or process foodstuffs, food related commodities, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, tobacco products and animal feed. Our products comply with the standards and requirements of modern food grade lubricants. They fulfil the strict regulations of the worldwide operating organisation for product testing and certifications, NSF International. In addition, many of these qualities meet the Islamic requirements and are certified as Halal. Besides their physiological harmlessness, the food grade lubricants have the following properties:

  • Water resistance
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Low wear rate
  • Compatibility with construction materials
  • Good adsorption and adhesion on metal and plastics
  • Steam resistance (when filling wine, beer or soft drinks)

Corrosion Protection & Cleaners - In today’s globalised world with long international ways of transport and storage times, extreme corrosive influences affect construction parts manufactured in metal working, e.g. semi-finished products or automotive components. We offer a product range which is especially tailored to these requirements. These cover solvent, oil and water based products for various applications where temporary corrosion protection is required. In addition, we also offer a high-performance range of industrial products for cleaning all types of process agents applied in cutting and non-cutting metal working operations.