Noise Proof

We have a wide range of noise resistant windows and special glasses that can help change your home back into your haven where you can come back and be yourself.

Dust Proof

These dust resistance windows can be a contemporary slider window or a traditional casement window. The windows have multipoint locking system to ensure tight shutting down. For example, all panels of a slider window have interlocks to shut out atmospheric dust.

Monsoon Proof

Fenesta’s sliding windows are equipped with a Rain Track, Sill and Gradient Slope to block rainwater. Rain track and gradient slope in sliding windows ensures that water coming at high speed flows out instead of coming indoors.

Rooftop Sheds are easy to install, light weight, economic constructions on Roofs which provide you 3 basic advantages to the user:
Roof Protection – A cover on the roof prolongs the life of the Roof. There is no direct weathering on the roof.
Cooler rooms – The heat is not allowed to reach the roof subsequently the rooms below are kept cool during the scorching summers.
Space Expansion – A Rooftop shed allows you to have an extra floor for yourself. Also if constructed with Drywall solutions along with the Rooftop sheds – it gives the owner an extra room for Study or Service room or Security room or any other facility he opts for – at a nominal cost and hardly any overbearing load to the current building.
Among other advantages are washed dresses can be dried on roof even during rainy seasons, creation of play area and garden on roof among many other utilities.