Noise Proof

We have a wide range of noise resistant windows and special glasses that can help change your home back into your haven where you can come back and be yourself.

Dust Proof

These dust resistance windows can be a contemporary slider window or a traditional casement window. The windows have multipoint locking system to ensure tight shutting down. For example, all panels of a slider window have interlocks to shut out atmospheric dust.

Monsoon Proof

Fenesta’s sliding windows are equipped with a Rain Track, Sill and Gradient Slope to block rainwater. Rain track and gradient slope in sliding windows ensures that water coming at high speed flows out instead of coming indoors.

UPVC (Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) is a combination of natural salt and oil. PVC resins are Unplasticized by using Heat Stabilizers, Impact Modifiers, UV Stabilizers, Lubricants and Resins. We deal in Fenesta - which is India's largest windows and doors company. It has installed more than a Million windows doors across nearly 150,000 homes. Empowered with knowledge of India's extreme conditions, Fenesta has designed UPVC windows and doors that are able to withstand India's extreme climate. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Fenesta has own sales and service presence in nearly 50 cities with 4 factories and nearly 100 showrooms. ith Fenesta, customer is assured of end to end service starting from selecting right designs, site survey, fabrication, delivery and installation. As window experts, Fenesta takes pride in its ability to serve individual homes and large developers with equal ease.

Fenesta Benefits


  • 1. Acoustic / Noise Insulation
  • 2. Thermal Insulation
  • 3. Flame Retardant
  • 4. UV Stable
  • 5. Termite Resistant
  • 6. Strong Wind Resistant
  • 7. No Rain Water ingress
  • 8. Highest Weather Endurance
  • 9. No Maintenance
  • 10. Long life of Windows
  • 11. Green Building Certified
  • 12. In House Raw Materials


  • 1. Own Extrusion facility in Kota, Rajansthan
  • 2. 5 owned Fabrication units – in Bhiwadi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad
  • 3. 10 years Warranty on the profile
  • 4. Project Management Services for big sites
  • 5. Hub-&-Spoke Installation model
  • 6. ITI Graduate Technicians
  • 7. Service Team trained in Product, Process and Behaviour
  • 8. SAP Driven backend for faster process, manufacturing and distribution
  • 9. Dedicated Customer Care No. 1860 266 2666